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The first ever Leap Day Celebration took place on February 29, 2008 at ISU and was an instant success. It consisted of 4 houses that each had a theme/holiday, along with copious amounts of adult beverages. Although the 2008 event only had 75 attendees, people immediately fell in love with it and word quickly spread around ISU’s campus. We then decided to throw “Unofficial Leap Day” in the years to follow, because to only celebrate this great day once every four years is borderline criminal. The support we have seen has been incredible as the event has grown tenfold over the past 6 years with 750 attendees at the 2013 event. Leap Day has had roughly 2,500 total attendees since its inception in 2008 and continues to grow. Today Leap Day is a well-known name on Illinois State’s campus and continues to provide countless students with a fun and responsible social experience year in and year out.

Through experiencing, planning, and taking ownership of this event over the past 6 years, it has helped us to realize our dream of owning and operating our own event planning company where we can continue to provide people with exceptional experiences and expand into different markets. Our goal is to grow Leap Day Events into a top notch event planning company that specializes in a wide array of events, not just the holiday that we all know and love. We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for your guys’ continued participation and enthusiasm about Leap Day. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your support over the past 6 years and we thank you in advance for your support at our future events.

- Coldagelli and Rochelle

Meet the Team



Dan Coldagelli

The elder statesman of the group and as he likes to refer to himself as “The Face of the Company”, Dan takes the lead on growing business relationships with bars, suppliers, and sponsors as well as overseeing the company’s financials.  Although some may say he has a personal vendetta with technology, he simply claims to be “Old School.”  He recently became the proud new owner of his very own Twitter account (although he still isn’t quite sure how to use it.) His self-description is as follows “Tall, dark and handsome with a distinguished hairline.”



Mike Rochelle

As Leap Day Events unofficial marketing guru Mike is responsible for engaging and interacting with all the faithful Leap Day attendees. However, he also moonlights as the company’s resident movie buff. In a sad but almost impressive way he has managed to watch nearly every movie ever made…just kidding, but seriously. When he isn’t tweeting or enjoying cinematic adventures he can be found listening to his encyclopedia of music at an uncomfortable decibel level.

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